Oliver/Quill | 25 | he/they

I love Dungeons & Dragons, most of what I draw is from me and my podcast group's campaigns! My art mostly consists of really hairy gay dudes but sometimes variation can be observed.

Commissions are usually announced through Twitter. If you would like to commission me, you can do so through my website or


My name's Oliver! I'm a freelance, self-taught artist who has been doing commissions professionally for 5+ years. I enjoy character design a lot, and outside of drawing I can usually be found playing video games or playing D&D with my friends. I've been all over the place where fandom is concerned, from furries to Overwatch, but eventually I settled on D&D as my "constant".

I'm not really a fan of mainstream fandom any longer and have wiped my slate clean of it, but I'll drop in here and there for certain things! You can find more info for that on my Interests page.

Anyway, here's how to get blocked on sight! Because that's another thing you should know about me: I don't put up with bullshit.

-Be a nazi, white supremacist, alt-right, or be an apologist or "centrist" for any of the above.
-Be a transphobe, homophobe, racist, etc etc
-Draw or support pedophilia/CP, this includes "loli/shota".
-Be Republican, because you're pretty much all alt-right at this point.

If you see me following anyone like this, let me know! I probably just didn't catch it.


My #1 interest is my OCs or any of the characters from the podcast I'm a part of. I love my D&D games sincerely and will talk about them and answer questions any time, all the time.

BUT, here's some more generalized interests of mine if you're not interested in my OCs.

General Stuff

🌱 Plants & Animals
🌱 Space/Astronomy/Astrology
🌱 Witchy/Pagan
🌱 Tarot/Divination
🌱 Taxidermy/Bones
🌱 Science, esp Biology
🌱 Food & Recipes
🌱 Interior Design
🌱 Animation
🌱 Raccoons


🌱 Dungeons&Dragons
🌱 Pokemon
🌱 Apex Legends
🌱 Destiny2
🌱 The Dragon Prince
🌱 Fullmetal Alchemist
🌱 Gurren Lagann
🌱 Stardew Valley


I'm kind of all over the place, so I'll do my best to list spots you can find me at. If you see someone who claims to be me outside of these locations, please let me know!

The following spots range from personal accounts to accounts for the D&D podcast I'm a part of (since I'm the social media manager of that). And some places are more active than others. Regardless, all of them are ways you can follow/contact me! I'll try to list them in order of activity, roughly.

Social Media/Art/Etc

🌱 Twitter
🌱 Patreon
🌱 Tumblr
🌱 DeviantArt
🌱 YouTube
🌱 FurAffinity
🌱 Ko-fi


🌱 @Lutro - Telegram
🌱 Lutro#3086 - Discord